October 20, 2010

One Porsche 911 Story

This Electric and Gas powered Fun-to-Drive car offered at $75,000 obo

If you are interested, please click HERE to leave your request(comment), it will NOT be shown to the public, as all comments will be moderated. We have 100+ pictures of the car on request. 

Gas Engine and Electric Drive can be swapped easily

Electric Drive and Battery installed

Full screen HD videos are HERE

Electric Motor Technical Data:

- Range 70 miles (more batteries can be added for longer range)
- 16kW battery pack (all fit in the back of the car)
- Full charge time - < 2hr from dryer outlet
- 0-60 miles in < 5 seconds
- Low maintenance Lithium CALB LiFePO4 batteries

Porsche Gas 2.7 L Engine Technical Data:

- Engine rebuilt by VERY REPUTABLE Porsche® shop in Miami !!! 
- Engine inspected and tuned by Very Reputable KMW Motorsports
- Made in Italy Weber carburetors
- 5 Speed Transmission rebuilt by Very Reputable KMW Motorsports
- Leistritz® Performance Exhaust
- ...or Straight Pipes (megaphones) - video above 
- Front fender oil cooler
- New Gas Tank
- New Oil Tank
- ALL new engine oil and gas hoses

other Car Data:

- Porsche® Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
- Fully restored, MOST (95%) ORIGINAL rust free car body
- Weight:1900 lb (if Megaphones and single Race Seat installed)
- 4-Wheel Alignment and 4-corner height adjustment 
- New 3 stage DuPont® super paint (see pics below)
- New Wurth® paint under and inside 
- New OEM brakes system
- New both Axles
- New headliner
- New Porsche® rubber seals on windshield and rear glass
- New Porsche® rubber Engine Compartment Seals
- New Tires
- Leather seats, Leather Steering wheel
- Custom built easy Flat Towing package


Restoration started, from body work:

Car is getting ready for the new paint:

1st stage - Gray Super Primer applied:

2nd stage - Super Paint applied:

3rd stage - Super Double Clear Coat applied:

New Wurth® paint under and inside

Door panels match the body VIN

Electric Drive and Battery custom designed

Electric Drive manufactured

Battery Controller custom designed, manufactured, and programmed in C

Gas Engine was removed, inspected and fixed as needed in

Gas Engine is back in the car:

Brake System professionally overhauled:
Old and New Brake fluid reservoirs, old and new grommets

Old Brake fluid reservoir
Brand New Brake fluid reservoir has been installed

Old Brake Master Cylinder
Brand New "ATE" OEM supplier Brake Master Cylinder has been installed

Old Brake lines and hoses
Brand New DOT approved hoses and brand new brake lines were installed
Brand New Brake "OEM" supplier lines were installed

Old Brake Calipers
All 4 Brake Calipers were rebuild with ALL brand new parts to the OEM specifications
Brand New Stainless Steel Racing pistons were installed on all 4 Calipers

Both brand new axles were installed:


  1. I love it - Porsche as an Electric Car, cool story!

  2. Gorgeous. I'm starting a 912 conversion soon from a donor car. Anything in particular strike you as frustrating or a real hurdle you had to overcome? Looks like pretty smooth sailing from your blog. Was the whale tail required to make room for the components?



    1. You can contact us for more info :-)
      Thank you for interest,